Essential Personal Security Tips

“Personal security” When listening this term, we visualized that one or more body guards surrounding a figure. But, that is not the actual meaning of the term Personal Security.

This is concern for protect every corner/part of a person’s life. That can be your health, properties security, family security, security at home, security at office, computer security, network security, mobile security, travel security, financial security,  etc. which are related to a person/individual.

We are living in a society, that’s why we are calling social being. There are many types of crime committed with us. It does not consider any time or any relation. It’s not possible for most of us to hire a body guard for full time. So we have to ensure our personal security by own self.

Need to protect all kinds of password of our computer, email account, also Bank account code, ATM Card code and PIN number, mobile password, anything that required a password. Make sure that before you buy a security alarm you check with an authority that reviews home security systems. Studies have shown that an alarm system is the best deterrent.

Be alert when you are going to press your password or punching your code at your work place as well as at your home. Try your level best to hide your password/code from other when you are going to use them. Remember these passwords and codes are only your own. lf your password/code hacked by any wrong person, they can easily do any harm or expose you wrongly to other.

Also be extra care full using ATM Machine, don’t count money in public and make sure that nobody is nearby.

Must protect your important papers and agreements of your properties, house and organization. Keep them in a safety shelf or in a safe place like volt of a bank where other can’t go or access.

When you go to the outside, make sure that you don’t make yourself be a target. Don’t do anything which can make you a victim to other. Don’t show off you jewellery, money, don’t give your address and phone number to unknown persons. Be extra alert when go outside at night or traveling on foot. You can carry any protecting tools like high voltage stun gun, self defense spray like pepper spray, teasers, etc. to secure your journey. To ensure yourself more confident to protect by learning the Martial arts. Mostly avoid dangerous place at night or walking alone.

If you have any type of health issues like heart problems, allergy or a medical condition which effect your mobility, be care full about those. Be prepare to overcome these emergency situation or for calling help. Health security is a most important part of your personal life.

Be sure to keep the security of your house and business or work place. Lock the doors and windows after/before leaving. Light up which make your places a little safer. You can hire a guard or keep a dog for extra safe.

Open some deposit or saving account, insurance like life insurance, health insurance, house insurance, etc. to secure your life and for overcoming the risks.

Be ensure the safety of your house from fire-risk by checking gas stoves and the electric wire connections. Use better things and material for better safety.

Lastly just keep an eye on your neighbors, surrounding people and as well as your house members to ensure your personal security.

Security awareness and Proactive are the keys of your personal security, learn by yourself and taught to others.