Personal security is an important factor in a person’s life everywhere in the world. This can be either in the city, village or town. This is the protection of individual from both the psychological and physical violence it ensures the security of human beings without feeling afraid or at risk.

The following are the importance of personal security;

Personal security is a positive implication of development one is able to take part in development projects if the person is sure of his safety. For example if the person is doing business he may be free to travel outside the country into international markets.

Personal security reduced crime and invest in violence prevention and reduction. We are aware that crime is rampant from the streets to our homes, businesses. The murder cases are increasing and women being raped. This are things that can only be avoided by one having personal security.

Personal security is always the key subject of safety at home of in the streets. The household feels safe for example if you have a trained dog at home. You can travel and when you get back everything will be as you let it.

Personal security ensures a secure workplace this will cover issues like violence and aggression in the workplace whether from the employers, employers, the visitors or the public.

Personal security s important for every individual since it provide personal information secure offline. This can be done by keeping the financial document safe at home and locking the wallet. The only person who can access this will be only you or someone who will feel.

Personal security gives someone a chance to participate in politics mostly the security of the person who is a public figure. Here one can decide to hire a bodyguard and have trained dogs to wherever he goes for his personal security.

Personal security is important for every individual in a state or country It help the governments to deal with this thing of terrorism since security starts with one person Try to imagine of a state where every individual has got a personal security.

Personal security encourages interaction and sharing of important information that can lead to development in one’s life. This can be in social media since no personal information may be disclosed without one’s concept. One is able to carry out business online since his/her personal information is catered for.