acoustical engineers

Acoustical Engineers is the ones who study, plan and execute acoustical design plans for designing acoustical facilities. These engineers are highly specialized professionals and possess considerable knowledge in this regard. They plan, analyze, design and implement acoustical designs for making a place quieter and more peaceful. Their main task is to make a place look beautiful and at the same time provide optimum acoustical conditions. Acoustical Engineering deals with the study, measurement and control of noise, sound and vibrations in various technologies.


The basic job of a qualified acoustical engineer is to analyze the quality of air and to find out the source of noise that exists in any given space. They study and plan designs that will reduce or eliminate the noise that exists in various places. In this regard, they take into account the design of the room and its acoustical features such as shape, size, layout, construction materials used, number of people allowed in the room etc. Their main job is to plan the acoustical installation in offices, educational institutions, theatres, churches etc.


Acoustical engineers use special acoustical measuring and testing equipment to evaluate the quality of a space and its acoustic properties. This equipment includes measurement of reflected sound waves, measured values of damping and sound power as well as acoustical modeling of spaces. These techniques help engineers evaluate the performance of a space. They also develop and recommend noise control techniques and methods. In addition, they also make recommendations for acoustical upgrading of buildings.