Boat Mechanic

What does a boat mechanic do? A boat mechanic is someone who maintains and repairs boats, both inboard and outboard engine. Boat mechanics not only maintains and fixes boats, but also repairs motorboats, powerboats, engines, propellers, skis, and various components of other aquatic vessels. Some also provide marine insurance for their clients. The profession of a boat mechanic can be found in many ways.


Boat certification is one way to guarantee employment as a boat mechanic. Boat certification programs at boating schools or in-house vocational schools are another. Many states require boaters to have some form of boating certification, whether it is through a certificate program or an exam.


The Internet is one of the best places to find employment as a boat mechanic. There are several websites that recruit boat mechanics and offer job openings. Forums and professional associations are another great resource for finding new boat mechanic jobs. Boating school graduates may be able to get hired by a mechanic’s association or other organization that works with boaters, while those on the job trainee positions often wait until they are hired to find a better job. of training for this field, but many schools and courses provide similar information. Many states require that boaters take a test to show that they know how to repair certain parts. Boat technicians usually get on-the-job training after working for a while in the field. Some states also make it easier for certified technicians to get licensed or certified by testing them. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Association of Manufacturers both have good course programs designed to train new mechanics.