The curriculum used at each day care center is carefully chosen to meet the needs of the young children. The majority of preschool programs use a Montessori style curriculum, which promotes a healthy balance of academics and socialization skills. Different levels of students are served at different times of the year. At the Preschool I, most children attend on a full time basis. Daycare instructors encourage children to stay in the center until after school so that they can begin to socialize with their peers. Resource

How To Reducing Childcare Costs?

Students in the Preschool I are given opportunities to work with teachers on a regular basis, but some will attend one-on-one time when the weather is not cooperating. Some preschoolers will be encouraged to complete several hours of classroom instruction and participate in a number of fun and hands-on activities, while others will be able to spend some time participating in arts and crafts. These children will learn how to make crafts and learn how to do arts and crafts based on the subjects taught in the classes.

These preschool programs allow students to explore interests that may not have been discovered during the years in the public schools. At the Preschool II, children will learn how to make jewelry, paint, read, draw, and write music. These activities will help them feel more confident about their own abilities and be prepared for later school.…