If you have a Termite inspection completed on your property you should be aware that there can be a large termite infestation (or several) behind your walls or roof which can be very hard to detect without the proper Termite inspection Gold Coast service. If you suspect that there might be a termite infestation (or several) behind your house or property, you must call in a thorough Termite inspection. Although many people have never had a termite problem, Termite inspections Gold Coast really are your best line of defense against expensive termite problems in the future. You do not want to wait until the damage is done before you call an expert in Termite control.

Termite Inspections and the Brisbane Termite Control Program

If you call Termite Inspectors, they will complete a comprehensive Termite inspection on your property within one day onsite. They use special cameras to let you see all areas of the property, including underground cavities, under the ground and so much more. Not only will Termite inspectors Gold Coast lets you know if you have a termite problem, they can also tell you how severe the damage is, what type of infestation it is and suggest the best course of action for termite damage control. A thorough Termite inspection should include checking the roof for possible insect infestations, the subsoil layer below the ground for signs of water intrusion, cracks in the foundation wall and basement walls, surrounding vegetation and so much more. Although these inspections can sometimes be quite detailed, Termite gold coast service can also advise you on things like termite bait that can be placed in strategically chosen spots around your house to kill off any existing termite population.

One way to help control an existing termite infestation is by developing an effective Termite Management Plan (TMP). The TMP should include not only a regular Termite inspection but also recommendations for reducing the future infestation, including proper landscaping, the correct way to bait baits and the use of other termite control methods, including mechanical exclusion. It should also include a periodic Termite inspection to check the effectiveness of the initial Termite Management Plan. There is some Termite Inspectors who will be able to treat your property for termite treatment at the same time as completing your Termite inspection and provide you with their expert advice on the best course of action. By working with an experienced Termite Inspector and following his or her recommended Termite inspection strategy you will be assured of a healthy and secure environment for your family.