Sapphire Buffalo turf is one of the hardest and most durable grass varieties available today. No other turf grain has been able to match the durability of Sapphire, making it a true grass ideal for sports fields, golf courses and other commercial and residential landscaping. It can withstand extreme temperatures from cool to very hot and droughts from heavy rains or flash flooding. It is resistant to the dreaded diseases and insects that afflict most turfgrasses. If you are looking for a lawn that not only looks beautiful but will stand up to whatever Mother Nature decides to toss at it then Sapphire Buffalo turf may be the grass for you.

The beauty of sapphire buffalo turf lies in its ability to withstand many types of weather as well as the extreme seasons and droughts it has been used in. Sapphire boasts a deep root system that will enable it to cope well even in the most drought tolerant environments. This deep root system means that the turf will establish itself quickly providing year round lawn coverage. Sapphire also sports a high sheen, a natural finish that enables it to resist mould, fungus and algae and to retain its vibrant colour throughout the year.

In addition to being tough and long lasting, Sapphire is an excellent choice for those who require a grass with outstanding colour retention qualities. Although, at first, the shade tolerance of sapphire buffalo grass may seem to limit its use to shady areas of a sports ground or golf course, its colour holding qualities make it suitable for almost any application from heavy shaded areas to sunny coastal zones. Its deep root system means that it will establish itself quickly providing a consistently reliable source of green grass all year round, regardless of where you live. You may also choose to use Sapphire for the sports that you play such as golf, rugby, squash, or football if you prefer a deep shade tolerant grass.